About Renovate Alerts

Renovate Alerts was founded by renovators for renovators, and has been running since 2004. It is the UK's only online service providing email alerts of properties to renovate, combined with a private sales facility. It was also the first online service of its type. Renovate Alerts is completely independent of all estate agents, and we don't earn commission from sales.

Properties Needing Renovation

We use intelligent search algorithms to sift through hundreds of thousands of properties on the web every day. As a subscriber, you'll be sent the latest updates from these searches. You'll also be able to access our massive database of over 15,000 current properties.

The Renovate Alerts powered by L'Estrange Solutions Ltd concept is a huge timesaver. We remove the hassle of people having to search lots of different websites, register with many different estate agents and scan local papers for renovation opportunities.

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Private Sales

This allows the general public to advertise their properties needing renovation at a fraction of the cost of using an estate agent. We then market these properties to our database of over 50,000 people interested in such projects, across the UK.

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