Renovation Blog - June 2018

June 2018

6 June - How to make a cider press

cider press basket
Take a set of oak slats and attach some steel band to them.

Form into a circle

cider press basket completed
...and add a circular base.

Make the frame

cider press frame
Cut some hardwood timbers, drill out for bolts.

Make a juice catcher

cider press juicer
...or a drawer.

Then assemble

cider press assembly
...with a vice screw to apply the pressure onto the apples.

Job done

cider press done
...and there you have it, ready to go.


cider press danish oil
Even better with a coat of danish oil.

20 June - Okay let's try and get back to the kitchen

book matched
First I need to bandsaw some oak in half to get two bookmatched panels for my wall cabinet.