Property Talk - by Ed Sykes, Renovate Alerts director


As one of the founding directors of pickupaproperty, I have been involved in the world of renovation for some years now. My own personal project involved a Victorian terraced house in South London, and it was the experience of looking for this renovation property that persuaded me that pickupaproperty would provide a useful time-saving service to people of a similar inclination who were interested in the process of renovation as well as the potential profits involved.

I've written articles for various magazines (such as Property Ladder, Location Location Location, and Period Ideas) on the subject of renovation, and have also given seminars at the National Selfbuild and Renovation Centre in Swindon.

This blog will be a monthly column of my thoughts regarding aspects of property modernisation that is intended to be informative as well as entertaining. I hope it's of some interest - your comments are welcome.

pickupaproperty at the National Selfbuild and Renovation Centre Ed Sykes, Renovator in Chief Karen and Andrew were looking for a property to renovate in Hertfordshire. I'm not sure if it was my persuasive chat or the free jelly baby that encouraged them to take out a subscription!

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or comments.

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